Sunday, November 09, 2014

A new leaf

I keep coming back to this blog and thinking that I need to start up again. I am now goal-setting. I will post at least once a month on my family and what we are doing. No more venting over the people I encounter and allowing their negativity overwhelm me. No more listening to other people's "I can't do it"s and making their ineptitudes my own. I can do whatever I choose to do.

My mother has always told me all my life that "I can't means I won't." Well, she's right. If I choose to allow the difficult path stop me along the way or leave me incapable of seeking the help that I need, then I have CHOSEN to not do. Therefore, I can and I will be positive.

I can and I will continue to post at least once a month. These posts are for me and anyone who chooses to read this. I will ask, if you choose to read my posts, please comment. I only ask for an acknowledgement that you have been here. I like to hear from friends and family. Certainly, if you read this blog only once and won't come back, you might say something like "you are a terrible writer...I'm never reading your blog again." But, if you come back post after post and continue to read, you might be kind enough to let me know why. Make a remark about what I posted about or just say thank you for giving you a little respite from your day.

That's my wish and my plan. Committed to sticking to it!