Sunday, November 20, 2005


Well, now that the weekend is over, I am finally able to relax a little bit. I am not yet over the spider, but I can be in 50 years. And, mostly, I am relieved that my mom is recovering well from a very serious infection. She is supposed to be released from the hospital tomorrow. From what I could tell tonight, she is ready to go home and feeling way better. She is pretty determined to reprioritize her life. Her health is going to be number one on her list. I hope that she doesn't put it off too long before figuring out an exercise plan. I am pretty sure my dad is going to be on-board with a little exercise too.

Now, I have to concentrate on getting the house cleaned up for Thanksgiving. I seriously need to throw some stuff out. We have collected an awful lot of junk!

Until next time,

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Mom update

Well, there really is no update. I talked to her several times yesterday and she is sounding a whole lot better. But, her blood pressure is still really low and she is still on the Dopamine to maintain it and still in ICU.

Let's hope today brings better news!

Oh yeah.....and Eliana just threw-up on me which is why I am up at such an ungodly hour! :)

Friday, November 18, 2005

Scare after scare!

This was not my day! Well, things started out ok, not great, but ok. I was getting us ready for music class and my mom called. She has not been feeling well and yesterday was diagnosed with a kidney infection. She stayed home from work yesterday because she felt so horrible. Today, however, she decided that she was going to work, but perhaps she wouldn't drive herself. So, she called me and asked for a ride in to work. Reluctantly, I agreed....mostly I agreed because I didn't want her to drive herself. I thought she should have stayed home again today. But, as much as I disagreed, she is a stubborn woman. I took her to work.

After I dropped Mom off, I met Dave at music class (he took Jayden to class so he wouldn't miss the whole thing) and then stopped at the grocery store after class. So far, so good. What was the scare?? Well, back in June, there was this nasty wolf spider on my may remember my talking about it....scared me to death and affected me for weeks. Today, it (or a friend of his) reappeared on my car and again knocked the life out of me. What is it with me and these damned creatures that I can't function around them....I just don't do spiders!!!!!!! So, anyway, after much issue, the woman who was parked next to me, bravely agreed to smack the hell out of the monster with a calendar that I've been lugging around in my car. It took several swats for the cursed thing to die, but even still, I was as jumpy as frog on a hotplate all afternoon.

What does that have to do with Mom? Well, I managed to get the kids home and down for naps when the phone rang...Mom is in emergency....scare #2. She was suffering from severely low blood pressure, extremely high blood sugar, and a massive infection was taking over her body. I knew she didn't belong at work today!! Turns out, though, that it was good she was there because otherwise she would have been sleeping on the couch all day and no one would have thought to take her to Emergency. She is now resting (I hope) peacefully in ICU and is expected to stay there until her blood pressure returns to normal.

Today has been an eventful and emotional day! I don't need another one of these for ....well... ever!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Grin and bear it!

You know how you like to protect things when they are brand new. You baby them, don't really use them like they are consumable, replaceable, expendable....I just bought some towels before this remodeling business started and I've hardly used the hand towels. Today, I washed one and noticed there was something stuck to it. After some consideration, I noticed that it was grout from the kitchen tiles. My question is....Do I suck it up and say thank you for a job well done, or do I complain that my towels are ruined? The answer??? Suck it up! But, it still chaps my hide! Dave should have known those were new towels and given Gary an old towel for the tile work.

On the bright side...I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my kitchen! :) Pictures coming soon!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Stickers! Stickers! Everywhere!

I noticed that Jayden has been really sneezy these last couple of days. I thought it all due to a cold. Come to find out (as I am wiping up his nose) that maybe it was part cold, but it was also part sticker that he shoved up there! How do you know? He sneezed out stickers!!!! I had to work really hard to not laugh because seeing a goobered up squirrel pop out of his nose was hilarious, but I didn't want to encourage the "shove it up my nose" action.

On another note, we took Eliana in for her 2 month check-up yesterday. She is growing normally! YAY! Of course, we sort of knew that. She is 75th percentile for weight, and 50th for height and head size. So, all is well there. She still has thrush (so I guess that means I do too) and we are still using the Nystatin medicine on her and on me. Gosh, I hope this clears up's painful for me. I don't know about her. If so, perhaps that is part of why she cries so much.

So, while I am writing today's entry, I noticed that Maury Povich is on TV. I don't have the sound on so I can't hear the conversation (thank GOD) but I wonder....Who watches this crap?? The theme of today's show is "Is my boyfriend the father of my child?". I am thinking, "If you have to ask, you shouldn't be having children and probably are not fit to raise them, you filthy whore!" But, I am being harsh and perhaps they can be good mothers even if they have low self-esteem and behave without morals. On the other hand, I answered my question...Who watches this crap? ....errr...I do....apparently. :)

I am off to find out if he is the father or not.....

Monday, November 07, 2005

Yesterday was a SUPER day! We had a party to celebrate Eliana and as a part of the celebration we had a Baby Naming Ceremony. The ceremony is a religious ceremony that blesses the baby and then we officially give her a Hebrew name. Conveniently, her Hebrew name is Eliana and the ceremony only requires one blessing so I got to create my own ceremony. With Dave's help and the help of the rabbi, we created a truly meaningful experience. I hope to have pictures to post soon.

The best part of yesterday was seeing family and friends. And, my children were charming and beautiful as if on cue! Ellie didn't cry hardly at all the whole day and Jayden (who was feeling a bit under the weather) stepped it up when he got to the party. Jayden was supposed to light a candle for the ceremony (with Jeff's help of course because we would never let him do that alone at age 2) and he gets up there and says "Candle!!" SOOO cute!

And, of course, Eliana would not be outdone on her day! She was holding her head up and smiling at anyone who would look her way....which of course was everyone!

Ok..I lied! The best part of yesterday was actually after everyone went home and we came home and Ellie was asleep in her carseat. We brought her inside in the carseat and left her soundly sleeping there from 9pm until nearly 3am!! That was like 6 hours of sleep in a row for me! YAY!! There is hope that she will sleep through the night yet! if only Jayden could learn that! :)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Trick or Treat!

Jayden was SOOOOO super cute last night going from house to house with his "Ashee". He said "twick o tweet" at almost every house and of course "Thank you" "bye bye" and "hay ween" (Happy Halloween). He did get scared a bit though. The first time was when he first saw Ashley. She was dressed in a ghoulish outfit and he saw her and backed away saying " No no." Then, she called him by name and he was ok with her after that. Check them out!

Then he got super scared when we went to a house with a ghost or dead woman or some such thing out front with a strobe light on it. She was really scary and he was afraid to go up to the door. But, he was afraid to be without Ashley too. I had to take him to the door myself. As we were leaving he said, "bye bye scary part". Soooo cute!

Eliana was just absolutely adorable too. She didn't get to dress up in a cute little dinosaur outfit that I made especially for her, but she did get to wear some festive Halloween wear!
Of course, it was way to cold for her to wear this out trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, so I put her in warm pj's and a couple of blankets in the stroller with her to keep her warm.

All in all, it was a fun Halloween and I am glad it's over this year. Phew! I am pooped!