Friday, November 18, 2005

Scare after scare!

This was not my day! Well, things started out ok, not great, but ok. I was getting us ready for music class and my mom called. She has not been feeling well and yesterday was diagnosed with a kidney infection. She stayed home from work yesterday because she felt so horrible. Today, however, she decided that she was going to work, but perhaps she wouldn't drive herself. So, she called me and asked for a ride in to work. Reluctantly, I agreed....mostly I agreed because I didn't want her to drive herself. I thought she should have stayed home again today. But, as much as I disagreed, she is a stubborn woman. I took her to work.

After I dropped Mom off, I met Dave at music class (he took Jayden to class so he wouldn't miss the whole thing) and then stopped at the grocery store after class. So far, so good. What was the scare?? Well, back in June, there was this nasty wolf spider on my may remember my talking about it....scared me to death and affected me for weeks. Today, it (or a friend of his) reappeared on my car and again knocked the life out of me. What is it with me and these damned creatures that I can't function around them....I just don't do spiders!!!!!!! So, anyway, after much issue, the woman who was parked next to me, bravely agreed to smack the hell out of the monster with a calendar that I've been lugging around in my car. It took several swats for the cursed thing to die, but even still, I was as jumpy as frog on a hotplate all afternoon.

What does that have to do with Mom? Well, I managed to get the kids home and down for naps when the phone rang...Mom is in emergency....scare #2. She was suffering from severely low blood pressure, extremely high blood sugar, and a massive infection was taking over her body. I knew she didn't belong at work today!! Turns out, though, that it was good she was there because otherwise she would have been sleeping on the couch all day and no one would have thought to take her to Emergency. She is now resting (I hope) peacefully in ICU and is expected to stay there until her blood pressure returns to normal.

Today has been an eventful and emotional day! I don't need another one of these for ....well... ever!

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The Pizzitola Family said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom Lynda! Please let us know if you need anything...I know I'm 7 hours away, but just a quick phone call away if you need to vent or talk (951)461-1024. I do hope she is getting better and soon too! Our thoughts are with you.