Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Trick or Treat!

Jayden was SOOOOO super cute last night going from house to house with his "Ashee". He said "twick o tweet" at almost every house and of course "Thank you" "bye bye" and "hay ween" (Happy Halloween). He did get scared a bit though. The first time was when he first saw Ashley. She was dressed in a ghoulish outfit and he saw her and backed away saying " No no." Then, she called him by name and he was ok with her after that. Check them out!

Then he got super scared when we went to a house with a ghost or dead woman or some such thing out front with a strobe light on it. She was really scary and he was afraid to go up to the door. But, he was afraid to be without Ashley too. I had to take him to the door myself. As we were leaving he said, "bye bye scary part". Soooo cute!

Eliana was just absolutely adorable too. She didn't get to dress up in a cute little dinosaur outfit that I made especially for her, but she did get to wear some festive Halloween wear!
Of course, it was way to cold for her to wear this out trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, so I put her in warm pj's and a couple of blankets in the stroller with her to keep her warm.

All in all, it was a fun Halloween and I am glad it's over this year. Phew! I am pooped!


daniela said...

Super cute! Glad you guys had fun. I'll have to send pics to you (although you saw them at the party last week) of Jayden's "twin". It was a fun night..thanks again for the costumes!

The Pizzitola Family said...

Looks like he's got the hang of it now. They both look darling!