Monday, November 07, 2005

Yesterday was a SUPER day! We had a party to celebrate Eliana and as a part of the celebration we had a Baby Naming Ceremony. The ceremony is a religious ceremony that blesses the baby and then we officially give her a Hebrew name. Conveniently, her Hebrew name is Eliana and the ceremony only requires one blessing so I got to create my own ceremony. With Dave's help and the help of the rabbi, we created a truly meaningful experience. I hope to have pictures to post soon.

The best part of yesterday was seeing family and friends. And, my children were charming and beautiful as if on cue! Ellie didn't cry hardly at all the whole day and Jayden (who was feeling a bit under the weather) stepped it up when he got to the party. Jayden was supposed to light a candle for the ceremony (with Jeff's help of course because we would never let him do that alone at age 2) and he gets up there and says "Candle!!" SOOO cute!

And, of course, Eliana would not be outdone on her day! She was holding her head up and smiling at anyone who would look her way....which of course was everyone!

Ok..I lied! The best part of yesterday was actually after everyone went home and we came home and Ellie was asleep in her carseat. We brought her inside in the carseat and left her soundly sleeping there from 9pm until nearly 3am!! That was like 6 hours of sleep in a row for me! YAY!! There is hope that she will sleep through the night yet! if only Jayden could learn that! :)


The Pizzitola Family said...

Congratulations!...on the ceremony and the good sleep. Maybe she should just sleep in her carseat every night! (joking...but seriously, I'd do it!) Love to all!

daniela said...

Sorry we missed you guys. I'm glad a good time was had! That's funny about Eliana sleeping so well in her carseat. That was Kayleigh's favorite place to sleep early on in her life and we let her for months! Worked much better than her bassinet.