Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fun at the park!

Today we went to the park and met 3 new friends! We were off to meet Daniela and Kayleigh and Ryan who invited Anne and Cooper and Josie. I got there first and met up with 2 other moms who were having a little playdate. These 2 moms live near my house and they are really friendly. We got to talking when another one of their friends showed up. She was also really nice. As they all left we exchanged phone numbers. I will have to expand our playtime to include the park a little more often so I can call them up and invite them to play with us! :)

Apparently the outing was really good for the kids because they both crashed into their respective beds for nice long naps right away!

Now Jayden is whining like he didn't sleep for 2 hours this afternoon. I don't really know what I am going to do with him!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Capitola weekend!

What a fantastic weekend! We went to Capitola this weekend with our Sit-n-play families. There were 4 families there. We stayed in a 4 bedroom house near the beach. Fernanda and Alex know the owners of the house from their church. They (the owners) rent out the house to other families to rest and relax for a week or a weekend. So we were walking distance from the beach in a large comfortable home for the weekend. We ate great food, spent time visiting with the others in the really nice hottub, and got to know the other families much better. A good time was had by all. ESPECIALLY the kids. Jayden particularly had fun. He played with his friend Johnny ALL weekend. They were inseparable.

No pictures...we forgot the camera (not sure if that was on purpose or not).

Saturday, August 26, 2006

My week

This has been a rather challenging week for me. I haven't felt like blogging about anything since we got back from vacation because there was so much to say, I didn't know where to start. Now, I am not sure I feel like blogging because I have so much unpleasant news that I would almost rather not share it. But, it's not ALL bad...maybe a list in no particular order.....

1) My mom saw a dermatologist last week and it was determined that she has a patch of cancerous melanoma on her back. They tried to cure it with a topical treatment to no avail and she sees a surgeon next week. Bad, but hopeful.

2) A friend of mine called to tell me that her "mom" and my friend has liver cancer and that her plan is to refuse chemotherapy. No updated on that, but not good.

3) A different friend of mine called to say that a fantastic woman, and friend, passed away on Sunday from ovarian cancer. The funeral was last night. It was the most beautiful, inspiring memorial service I have attended--and unfortunately, I have attended quite a number. Sad to say the least...she was only 56.

4) Daniela called me this week and we planned a get-together for Thursday. We had a fun outing to McD's for lunch and then Target for some shopping. I am pleased to announce I spent less than $25 on things that I didn't need and a really cool life-sized puzzle of Winnie the Pooh for Jayden and a small 100 piece puzzle for myself that I have high hopes to work on someday. Then, we made plans to go to the park together on Friday. YES!! TWO outings in the same week! But, we changed Friday's plan to a playdate at my house because I couldn't get my butt in gear fast enough to make it to the park and as long as the kids played together, they didn't really mind. I sent out an email to the playgroup about the park just in case anyone else wanted to join. To my ultimate surprise, Vesna called me about 11ish on Friday and asked if we were still at the park. I explained the change in plans and she joined us here at the house as well. We had a mini-playgroup! The kids had a great time and the moms had an enjoyable visit. We pledged to make these playdates happen more often. I am really looking forward to it. Happy.

So, there is a lot going on, but I think it's all going to work out for the best. I am thinking about Eliana's birthday party. It has been decided that we will not celebrate on her actual birthday (except a little bit) and the party will actually be on Sunday, September 10 around 11ish I would guess. It's going to be very small...just family and a couple of friends. I was thinking about inviting the playgroups and all that, but really....that is too complicated with all the family around. I hope no one gets offended.

Monday, August 21, 2006


I just read the most incredible story about Bikers Against Child Abuse. BACA is an organization that started in Utah and now runs nationwide. They are all about making abused children feel safe and comfortable and healing. If I were a biker, I would love to join! But...alas...I am not a biker.

BUT---For those of you that are bikers here is the web link:


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Family Vacation

So this was our first real family vacation since Eliana was born. I suppose you could say we have had vacations twice since Jayden's birth, but last year we went to Wyoming for Aunt Michelle's college graduation and because it was such a family thing, I am not sure it counts. Although, Wyoming was beautiful and I would love to go back there and see it again at my own pace.

Anyway, we took a trip down to SoCal. I drove down to Julie's house on Thursday 8/3 with just me and the kids. We made it there before the sun came up on Friday and all in one piece so it was a great drive! Poor Ellie got beside herself and cried hysterically for the last 1 1/2 hours of the trip, so we were a little frazzled when we got to Julie's house. But, despite the long drive, we had a great visit! We took the kids to Ontario for pictures. There are fantastic pics of each of the 3 individually and then of Jayden and Ellie together, Jayden and Rebecca together, and all three of them together. I am guessing of those that read this, you have already seen the pics so I won't post them redundently, but I have to say this. I got my free 16X20 today of Jayden and Eliana with the beach background and the pirate hat, and I am sooo proud! I love my beautiful kids and Jayden's love of all things pirate warms my little heart! :)

So, after a great visit with Julie, I drove to San Diego with the kids and checked into our hotel for the week. We got there just in time for dinner and the kids and I were HUNGRY! So, I scanned the local map for places to eat; chose the Olive Garden; and we set out. We got there pretty quick only to find that they (and all the other eateries) were shutting down (at 6 pm) because there was a report of water contamination in the main water facility. GRRRR!!! After some consultation with Dave and the locals I drove to a grocery store down the street and shopped for some frozen dinners, cereal and milk, and a couple of other things to put in our full-sized fridge at the hotel and set back for dinner. We dined on a lovely combination of Cheerios, milk and bananas. It was unfortunate though, because Jayden ended up with the green-apple trots! Not a result of bad water (which turned out to be fine) but too much milk and virus (I think) in his system.

We picked Dave up at the airport in San Diego on Sunday and spent the rest of the week as tourists. We visited the Maritime Museum (which was WAY SUPER COOL), the zoo, Sea World, and the USS Midway. All were good times. The best part of the trip to SD, though, was dinner Wednesday night. We went out with friends Lori, Garrett and the girls. It was good to see them and do some catching up and getting to see their great new house! The floors look AWESOME!

Anyway, I am off to my real life now with the two kids (all by myself because yet again, it is after 8 and Dave isn't home) both needing my attention. Still living at my parents' house means there is no place for them to be confined to play with toys and not get into trouble. I hope Dave gets it together soon and gets us home! It is long past time to move outta here.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mastering the Art of Language

Those of you with kids know how frustrating they can be at times. Often talking non-stop or doing some annoying fidget that wears on your sanity. Driving around the southern part of this lovely state put me in one of those positions this past week. My darling little boy whom I love to death was spouting every sentence beginning with, "I want....". It went a bit like this:

"I want my toy!" "I want my shark toy!" "I want my little airplane!" "I want I want I want I want I want my this!"

OK...now that gets to be really annoying very fast, but when he got to his 50th sentence beginning with, "I want" I had had it! I told him, "I do not want the next sentence out of your mouth to begin with the words I WANT!" So without missing a beat....

"May I have my airplane toy?" as sweetly as he can ask!