Sunday, April 30, 2006

Wireless SUCKS--But I look great! :)

There is nothing more that needs be said at this juncture. WIRELESS INTERNET SUCKS!

All night, I have been wanting to play Everquest with Dave. Both kids went to bed relatively early (for lack of naps) and there was lots of time to play. BUT, the stupid wireless connection kept pooping out on us! GRRRR!! In case anyone wonders, THIS IS THE REASON WE HAVE A T1 AT HOME! So enough about that... Clearly by the fact that this post made it to your eyes, the connection is up and running again. My genius hubby managed to fix it while I was off trying on my new clothes....yes that's right! I finally broke down and bought clothes that fit me in my (yet again) new size. Although I have been working out regularly with Fernanda and our enthusiastic, slave driver...I mean personal trainer, Ian, I am not dropping in size as fast as I would have hoped. The hole in my only pair of blue jeans and the fact that I have no shorts that fit led me to the conclusion that I need to go shopping. I did manage to find some very cute things in my new size that I would be sad to leave behind should I ever mangage to find my old sized body again. But, since I have had 2 kids in 3 years, I don't expect to be seeing that body any time soon---at least not on me. Even so, I do have some great muscles building up under all the extra me. My arms and legs are starting to look quite toned and my middle largess is waning. Perhaps by the time I am done with round 3 of Ian's workouts, I will be ready to brave a swimsuit. I will certainly have the strength to water ski!

Tomorrow I return to my regular routine save one MAJOR change. My poor Maxwell is sick. He is up at Aunt Judy's letting his mama take care of him (which is what everyone wants when they are sick--Mama). I hope he is back to his normal self soon. As for me, I may be hunting up a substitute baby-sitter. Feel better soon Max!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Whoa! Put on the BRAKES!

This week just FLEW past! I have been up and out of the house every day this week by 7 AM. It's almost like old times except I have 2 kids and my husband is taking them to the babysitter and I never worked full-time at this school before and WOW--I am having a great time teaching again! I do love the work. I didn't even mind grading the papers! BUT--and this is a big BUT (not unlike the one I am sitting on -- hahaha)--I miss my life at home with the kids and the art class and music class and playgroup! I really miss playgroups! I miss the mommies and the other kids and the slow and easy life that I took for granted before this week. I need weeks like this to appreciate what I have at home. Yes, I still think I need a vacation. But, I want to take a vacation with my kids that we are all going to enjoy and not one that I want to get away from! :) Someday, when the kids are bigger and in school themselves, I will go back to teaching. Right now, I am going to focus on renewing my credential so I don't get screwed when that day comes and I am going to enjoy being the mommy my little ones deserve.

Bold statement from Mrs. Has-new-mood-every-three-minutes-or-so! But, by writing this statement down, I can start to take ownership and maybe live it a little! :) In the meantime, I think I need to go wash the throw-up out of my hair. Gotta love being a mommy! :D

Friday, April 21, 2006

What a CRAZY BUSY week!

So the week started with Jayden being sick from Thursday last week until Saturday. Then, of course, Eliana got it and was sick from Saturday until Wednesday. But, that's not That would be too easy! I also got it (Tues thru now) and with a sore throat that makes swallowing water more painful than childbirth!----Enough about being sick!

So, Dave's birthday was Wednesday and for a special treat, his softball team at work was playing their first game. Naturally, I took advantage of the easy gift and bought him a glove (which he didn't have) and as the surprise gift, I gave him one for Jayden too. He liked that! Jayden has played with his every day! So cute! Oh yeah....and they won the game! :)

Jayden and I planted tomatoes in pots outside the back door today. I wonder how they will do....The plants I have put in my yard at home have always done fantastically. I have never grown anything in a pot before, but I couldn't resist having some fresh homegrown tomatoes. Jayden enjoyed the outdoor activity and the little science lesson too. He now knows that water will seep down into soil and the plants will drink it up like through a straw. So cute to here his accounting of it! :)

Anyway, until next time...silently yours (because my throat is killing me!)


Saturday, April 15, 2006

It's raining again!

I'm having another one of those days where the depression is sinking in and nothing feels right. I went to a wine-tasting dinner with my parents tonight and the idea was that I would relax and enjoy myself and have an adult night. But, I was bored. I kept thinking about Dave and wishing he was there to talk to me. The wine was good, but I was not overwhelmed with GREAT wine and the food was ok, but nothing wonderful.

I got to visit with an old friend today and Jayden stayed home with my parents to nap. He had a great nap while I was gone, but still...I am bummed.

Not sure what the deal is, but I hope I get over it quick.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pre-Easter/Post-Seder Update

So, the lake that was forming in the hall and bedroom spread throughout the whole house. There is not a single room left untouched by the tornado known as Operation HouseWreck. But, the contractor is going to replace the drywall damaged by the flood, so that is good.

Jayden came down with a huge fever today. I hope he kicks it pretty quick. It came on rather suddenly and grew throughout the afternoon. Tonight he fell asleep watching Survivor with me. I have to say I am rather disappointed that the people on the show are aligning themselves the way they are. I personally think Shane should have been booted ages ago, but I only get to see what CBS wants me to see of him. I am sure he is much more stable than I give him credit for.

Anyway, when Jayden fell asleep early, I knew he was sick. So, we are not going anywhere tomorrow or Saturday. I hope he is well by Sunday so he doesn't carry this on and on. I also hope he doesn't share whatever bug he has with Eliana. That would really stink!! Ahh...well...wait and see I guess!

That's it from me today...Happy Pesach and Easter to all those who observe! Thanks to the Shuman family for helping us celebrate our Seder! We loved having you!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Rain Rain GO AWAY!!!

They started working on my house on Thursday. The first clear (and beautiful) day in our massive rain spree. So they completely took the roof off and tore up our upstairs room. They were out there working again yesterday in blue skies and sunshine....THEN! In early afternoon, the rain started. Just a sprinkle at first. But it just kept on coming! It rained and rained and rained. Dave stopped by the house to pick up the mail and found that Lake Stahl has grown. It actually relocated itself to the hallway and master bedroom. He found a waterfall onto my oak desk (and all the crap we were stashing there) and a swamp in the hallway. The ceiling in the bedroom is ruined and will need to be replaced now. I am hoping that there was no actual damage to my desk. I love that desk! And, we are going to have to replace the carpet in the hall and the bedroom. We will have to check the subfloors too and see if they are damaged from the water or not. My, oh my! This is getting fun! :)

In the

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm Back!

Has it really been 2 WEEKS?? I guess so! But, I now finally have internet access again on my computer. It is rather weird to have my computer in the middle of the living room at my parents' house. Usually this room is so neat and pristine. There is only stuff in here when we are having an event or a holiday or some such thing. Now the room is littered with our stuff--toys, computer parts, boxes of stuff from my desk and Dave's desk, and did I mention toys?!

Our move has been difficult and wearing on everyone. I would like to say we are settled, but the jury is still out on that. Of all things to worry about, Sunday night someone broke the window in Dave's truck and rifled around in all the stuff that was still out there. As far as we can tell, the only thing they made off with was an old 15" LCD monitor that we were using for Jayden's computer. The suckiest part of all this, is that we have to pay our $100 deductible on the car to fix the window (which is on back-order until Friday) and won't be done until Saturday and Dave is driving my car in the meantime; and we have to pay to replace the monitor because it is covered under our homeowner's insurance which has a $500 deductible...the monitor wasn't even worth that much! GRRR! I know things could be worse and today I am counting my blessings...1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ....

All in all, I think we will settle soon. If not, at least I am enjoying the time I am dreaming about the vacation I want to have ( not that I will get it, but I am planning one anyway)!

Oh they haven't started on our house yet....the rain still pours! The new expected start date is the middle of next week. We'll see!