Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pre-Easter/Post-Seder Update

So, the lake that was forming in the hall and bedroom spread throughout the whole house. There is not a single room left untouched by the tornado known as Operation HouseWreck. But, the contractor is going to replace the drywall damaged by the flood, so that is good.

Jayden came down with a huge fever today. I hope he kicks it pretty quick. It came on rather suddenly and grew throughout the afternoon. Tonight he fell asleep watching Survivor with me. I have to say I am rather disappointed that the people on the show are aligning themselves the way they are. I personally think Shane should have been booted ages ago, but I only get to see what CBS wants me to see of him. I am sure he is much more stable than I give him credit for.

Anyway, when Jayden fell asleep early, I knew he was sick. So, we are not going anywhere tomorrow or Saturday. I hope he is well by Sunday so he doesn't carry this on and on. I also hope he doesn't share whatever bug he has with Eliana. That would really stink!! Ahh...well...wait and see I guess!

That's it from me today...Happy Pesach and Easter to all those who observe! Thanks to the Shuman family for helping us celebrate our Seder! We loved having you!

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daniela said...

Thank you so much for having us over..we enjoyed ourselves! Jayden - get well soon!!