Saturday, April 08, 2006

Rain Rain GO AWAY!!!

They started working on my house on Thursday. The first clear (and beautiful) day in our massive rain spree. So they completely took the roof off and tore up our upstairs room. They were out there working again yesterday in blue skies and sunshine....THEN! In early afternoon, the rain started. Just a sprinkle at first. But it just kept on coming! It rained and rained and rained. Dave stopped by the house to pick up the mail and found that Lake Stahl has grown. It actually relocated itself to the hallway and master bedroom. He found a waterfall onto my oak desk (and all the crap we were stashing there) and a swamp in the hallway. The ceiling in the bedroom is ruined and will need to be replaced now. I am hoping that there was no actual damage to my desk. I love that desk! And, we are going to have to replace the carpet in the hall and the bedroom. We will have to check the subfloors too and see if they are damaged from the water or not. My, oh my! This is getting fun! :)

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The Pizzitola Family said...

I certainly hope you are going to ask for reimbursement from the company on the damages. If they started working on it knowing it was going to rain, and they didn't take any precautions to protecting your house, they should be held liable Lynda! That's a bunch of BS!!!!!!