Friday, April 21, 2006

What a CRAZY BUSY week!

So the week started with Jayden being sick from Thursday last week until Saturday. Then, of course, Eliana got it and was sick from Saturday until Wednesday. But, that's not That would be too easy! I also got it (Tues thru now) and with a sore throat that makes swallowing water more painful than childbirth!----Enough about being sick!

So, Dave's birthday was Wednesday and for a special treat, his softball team at work was playing their first game. Naturally, I took advantage of the easy gift and bought him a glove (which he didn't have) and as the surprise gift, I gave him one for Jayden too. He liked that! Jayden has played with his every day! So cute! Oh yeah....and they won the game! :)

Jayden and I planted tomatoes in pots outside the back door today. I wonder how they will do....The plants I have put in my yard at home have always done fantastically. I have never grown anything in a pot before, but I couldn't resist having some fresh homegrown tomatoes. Jayden enjoyed the outdoor activity and the little science lesson too. He now knows that water will seep down into soil and the plants will drink it up like through a straw. So cute to here his accounting of it! :)

Anyway, until next time...silently yours (because my throat is killing me!)


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Lori said...

OMG, I'm so sorry about you all being sick.. you really are a trooper doing all this despite being so sick. I hope you feel better soon!

I don't have a very green thumb.. I tried growing tomatoes once with regular tomato seeds -- and ended up with ONE tomato which was the size of a cherry tomato :-)