Thursday, April 27, 2006

Whoa! Put on the BRAKES!

This week just FLEW past! I have been up and out of the house every day this week by 7 AM. It's almost like old times except I have 2 kids and my husband is taking them to the babysitter and I never worked full-time at this school before and WOW--I am having a great time teaching again! I do love the work. I didn't even mind grading the papers! BUT--and this is a big BUT (not unlike the one I am sitting on -- hahaha)--I miss my life at home with the kids and the art class and music class and playgroup! I really miss playgroups! I miss the mommies and the other kids and the slow and easy life that I took for granted before this week. I need weeks like this to appreciate what I have at home. Yes, I still think I need a vacation. But, I want to take a vacation with my kids that we are all going to enjoy and not one that I want to get away from! :) Someday, when the kids are bigger and in school themselves, I will go back to teaching. Right now, I am going to focus on renewing my credential so I don't get screwed when that day comes and I am going to enjoy being the mommy my little ones deserve.

Bold statement from Mrs. Has-new-mood-every-three-minutes-or-so! But, by writing this statement down, I can start to take ownership and maybe live it a little! :) In the meantime, I think I need to go wash the throw-up out of my hair. Gotta love being a mommy! :D

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