Sunday, April 30, 2006

Wireless SUCKS--But I look great! :)

There is nothing more that needs be said at this juncture. WIRELESS INTERNET SUCKS!

All night, I have been wanting to play Everquest with Dave. Both kids went to bed relatively early (for lack of naps) and there was lots of time to play. BUT, the stupid wireless connection kept pooping out on us! GRRRR!! In case anyone wonders, THIS IS THE REASON WE HAVE A T1 AT HOME! So enough about that... Clearly by the fact that this post made it to your eyes, the connection is up and running again. My genius hubby managed to fix it while I was off trying on my new clothes....yes that's right! I finally broke down and bought clothes that fit me in my (yet again) new size. Although I have been working out regularly with Fernanda and our enthusiastic, slave driver...I mean personal trainer, Ian, I am not dropping in size as fast as I would have hoped. The hole in my only pair of blue jeans and the fact that I have no shorts that fit led me to the conclusion that I need to go shopping. I did manage to find some very cute things in my new size that I would be sad to leave behind should I ever mangage to find my old sized body again. But, since I have had 2 kids in 3 years, I don't expect to be seeing that body any time soon---at least not on me. Even so, I do have some great muscles building up under all the extra me. My arms and legs are starting to look quite toned and my middle largess is waning. Perhaps by the time I am done with round 3 of Ian's workouts, I will be ready to brave a swimsuit. I will certainly have the strength to water ski!

Tomorrow I return to my regular routine save one MAJOR change. My poor Maxwell is sick. He is up at Aunt Judy's letting his mama take care of him (which is what everyone wants when they are sick--Mama). I hope he is back to his normal self soon. As for me, I may be hunting up a substitute baby-sitter. Feel better soon Max!


The Pizzitola Family said...

You've always been so skinny...what are you a size 0? I couldn't imagine you bigger than a 4! I'm jealous you have a personal trainer. Joe would never let me do that. I should go back to work huh?

Lori said...

our wireless used to poop out on us.. but then we bought a new router with all the new security stuff and its been awesome ever since.

i still find myself wearing some maternity pants because I refuse to buy new pants with the hope that someday I'll get off my butt and get myself to fit in my old high school/college jeans. can you tell i'm still floating somewhere out of reality? or as my hubby puts it.. i'm just too cheap.