Thursday, May 04, 2006

High Anxiety!

My choir is performing our Annual Spring Concert this weekend. I am pretty anxious about it. I don't mind participating as part of the choir, but I am standing near the front and (here is the big part) I have a "solo" that another woman and I are singing together. I really don't know why I decided to audition for it ( was probably just to see if I could get it--and obviously I did), but I don't like to stand out or be noticed (probably for fear of screwing up). I am just a bit out of sorts about this solo business. Oh's not like I profess to be some great singer. I am just an average tune-carrier trying to have a creative outlet in a place where I can go without my children! :D

Jayden is refusing naps these days. We are trying "quiet time" but I think I am done with that. We will be pushing naps from now on! But, yesterday while he was wandering around, he found a magazine. He flipped through it, found a toy that he wanted, took the magazine to Dave and said, "That be fun!". When Dave said that we didn't have that toy, Jayden prompted, "We got to store and buy it?" Such a cutie!

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