Thursday, May 18, 2006

Uh oh! I pee-peed!

Not a terrible thing to hear from your toddler during the potty-training period, but not great if your hear it right after you change the diaper and ask specifically if he has to go. He said no. I knew he was lying, but I let it go for just one minute. Silly me! He peed while I was cleaning up from diaper changes and missed the diaper. I am not sure exactly how that happened. He was still wearing it, but leaked only on the left side. Strange.

But, not funny. Here is funny. Last week I was changing Eliana's diaper. She had another little poop-nugget. So, I picked her up by her feet to get the dirty diaper out from under her. As it sometimes does, the poop was stuck to her butt. But it seemed to be just barely hanging on. So, I shook her a little to make the poop fall my surprise, it bounced a little off her bottom but held fast. Clearly it was going to need a more aggressive approach to removal. I took a wipe and proceeded to pull the butt-nugget away. This is where it got really was attached to her butt by a piece of hair. I assume it was mine, but I pulled and pulled and seemed to go on for over a foot before it finally broke off and the poop was separated from my daughter's behind! HAHA!! I am still laughing about gave a whole new meaning to "Hanging by a thread" to me. I couldn't help but giggle every time I thought about it...including now! hehhehhehehe

Oh well...who can resist a post all about the eliminations produced by my little loved ones!?!

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