Friday, October 28, 2005

Precious or precocious??

Ever have one of those days that just never ends????

Jayden is getting into one thing after another today. I feel like I have spent the last 3 hours telling him "No" this and "No" that. It's exhausting! Of course, I am suffering from lack of sleep so this may not actually be as bad as it feels, but I think he needs to go to bed early tonight so I can have some "ME" time before I hit the hay. ( or lose my mind) And THANK GOD we don't have ANY Halloween plans tomorrow...

I know, y'all are thinking, "Lynda is grateful for a Halloween-free day?" But, yes, I have had enough for one week! Last Saturday we had a party for Las Madres Working Moms, Wednesday was sit-n-play Halloween cookies, Thursday was Monkeys Halloween party, Today Las Madres local group Halloween party, Sunday we will go to Happy Hallow with Grandma Tess, and of course, Monday night trick-or-treating with Grandma Tess and Ashley. I have had my fill this year!

I'll post pictures as soon as I find a better way of getting them from the camera to my computer. Right now it all goes through Dave's computer which is a pain in my rear!


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