Thursday, October 20, 2005

Dinosaurs alive!

Well, I just finished making Jayden's Halloween costume! Woohoo!! My little blueberry is going to be a dinosaur and Kayleigh is going to be his twin! They are going to be sooo cute together! I need to hem to legs and stuff the tail, but otherwise it's done! Just in time too...we are going to a Halloween party on Saturday then the playgroup here on Thursday, then LM playgroup on Friday, then of course, Halloween! We will get lots of use out of this costume! :)

On another note, I just found out there is a website where kids and parents can "rate" teachers. I am sooooooo super offended by this website I don't even have words for it! One of the categories is my thought here is that an EASY teacher is not necessarily an effective teacher and most effective teachers are not EASY. The other two categories are fine by me...helpfulness and clarity, but most kids respond emotionally rather than reflectively when rating teachers anyway. I suppose though, I can't complain too much. I got a pretty good rating overall...4 out of 5. Still, it's really offensive.

Hrumph....I am off to stew over this....

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The Pizzitola Family said...

Take lots of pictures and post! I can't wait to see the playgroup all dressed up! I miss you guys!