Saturday, October 01, 2005

Bonfante Jubulante!

Today we had a family day out at Bonfante Gardens! The four of us and Dave's mom and Ashley all trekked down to BFG for a day of fun and excitement. Jayden LOVED the rides and the fun and the atmosphere. He especially liked being with his Ashley. Poor Ash, though...Jayden wanted her to carry him and gosh does he weigh a LOT. He just doesn't realize that his 30 lbs is too much for Ashley to hold for a long time.

In any case, we had a great time. This was Eliana's first day at the park. She slept through most of it. I dressed her rather warmly this morning (it was chilly at home) so at our first diaper changing stop, Grandma changed her diaper and put one of Jayden's JIC T-shirts on her. Why didn't Ellie deserve to wear her own JIC T-shirt? Daddy left it in the car! But, that's ok...she was absolutely adorable in Jayden's Mickey with a flag tee. And, she got to go on her first carosel (did I spell that right? looks weird) ride.

What an exhausting day! Maybe we will do it again next weekend! :)


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