Monday, September 24, 2007


Yay!! I am happy to finally report progress on our house!! Dave FINALLY finished all the menial tasks that needed to be done before he could call for an inspection. Hallelujah! The city made him write (by hand) a letter explaining why he needed to extend our permit AGAIN and this time they told him he had to have an inspection by the end of this month. PRESSURE!!! He managed to finish this weekend so he could get the inspector to come this week. I am so excited by this progress that I can hardly contain it!

I went out shopping yesterday to see what fixtures I like and I am ready to purchase vanities for all three bathrooms as well as the countertop/sinks. I am not terribly particular about the toilet upstairs, but I would like it to match the downstairs ones. I know what faucets I want, and I am ready to purchase paint and carpet. I think all that is left of great import is doors and a railing. YAYAYAYAY!!! A little more work and a few more weeks and we might actually be moving back home! Dave will be needing to call the insulation and drywall people this week as soon as he knows when the inspection will happen and if he passes, we can get those guys in to get the work done! :)

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The Pizzitola Family said...

Yeah! I'm so excitede for you! I can't wait to see it soon!