Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween was.... Jayden dressed up as a dinosaur again. I wanted Ellie to wear either Jayden or Kayleigh's old dinosaur costumes and they could be twins, but neither Daniela nor I could find the old costume. Bummer. So, Ellie was Tigger. Dave bought a Tigger costume for something like five bucks at Target when Jayden was a year old. He already had a costume AND wouldn't fit into the Tigger for another year, but Dave bought it anyway. In my frantic search through the millions of boxes at our house, I found it. Funny that I found that one and not the dinosaur....hmmm.

Anyway, Jayden was a dinosaur, Eliana was Tigger, Dave was a clown, and his mom was a pirate. Me...I had no costume yet again. Maybe I'll put myself first one of these years and I'll have a costume, too. BUT....we all schlepped over to Grandma Tess's house to trick-or-treat in Willow Glen. The kids got TONS of candy and some other cute little things too. They had a wonderful time. That's all that matters.

Today, in the aftermath, my mom went in to the dr for a stress test on her heart. She failed. I am waiting news now on the angiogram and potential angioplasty. Fingers crossed on good outcomes!

House news: We got the house measured for carpet today...we WAY underbudgeted for flooring. There will be more compromises in the near future. The drywall guy is meeting Dave at the house on Saturday to re-bid the job. Prices for drywall are only about half of what they were when he bid the first time. We are hoping to save big time here to compensate for the carpeting blunder. The roofer is coming out on Sunday to finish up our last bit of roofing issue. The insulation guys are coming out on Wednesday. YES!!! I SAID THEY ARE ACTUALLY COMING OUT TO PUT IN THE INSULATION! FINALLY!!!

I estimate another 6 weeks or so before we can move home. I hope everyone can hang in that long for a peaceful extraction of all of us from my parents' overflowing house. :)


Violet the Verbose said...

Hey! Glad to hear the kids had a fun Halloween. I'm sending good wishes for your mom -

The house stuff sounds pretty good - eek about the underbudgeting, but that's really cool that you may be able to get a bunch of money back into the budget from the drywall price change. Sounds like it'll all work out pretty well because of that. But hey, this continuing news about stuff happening with the house is a change from many posts in the past, so hooray! I'm so glad you'll be able to move back home soon.

Lori said...

It sounds like a lot is coming together for the house -- congrats! I could never undertake such a big job and am amazed how well you folks have been doing with it.

Glad the kids had fun for Halloween too :-) It was a great day for us as well.