Friday, June 19, 2009

Ellie's First Dance Recital

Tuesday was the walk-through. They had the kids sit in the house until it was their turn to dance on stage. Poor Ellie's class (a bunch of 3 yr olds) sat there for nearly an HOUR before they got to dance for 2:26 minutes. Ellie broke down in tears afterwards. Perhaps it was the lack of "Mama" in the theatre (she said she was looking for me) or perhaps it was the emotional let-down from all the anticipation of sitting there and then 2 minutes and 26 seconds later it was done. No way to tell. But, at least that part was done so she could really enjoy her dress rehearsal and performances. Yes! PerformanceS! There are 3 of them...I know she is only 3 years old!! I didn't plan the f@#$@#ing thing!!

Anyway, last night was dress rehearsal. So we listened to the director go on and on about nothing she hadn't already told us. Then, we listened to the stage manager yakity yak about nothing important. I'd forgotten how full of their own self-importance stage folks can be. Yes, I was like that, too. But.....

So, they send the kids back to get dressed in their costumes and then to sit in the audience and watch. Ellie's dance is 9th in the line-up. I sat with them for a couple of dances because Ellie was nervous. The girls got crazy when the lights went down between dances. For most of them, it was probably their first experience in a theatre. I explained that it would get dark between each dance so we didn't see them setting up on stage and then the lights would come back up. It seemed to help. By the third or fourth dance they were okay. I was given permission (by Ellie) to go sit with Grandma Tess so I could video tape her performance.

When it was her turn up on stage, they had 4 stage hands shuffling the kids on the stage. Poor Ellie lost a shoe!!! She was standing up there crying (I couldn't really see why until I saw the shoe on stage) but was saved by a savvy techie who saw the shoe and helped her get it on. Thank you, Techie!!! She was right into dancing after that! GO ELLIE! (Note to self--fix the F@#$(@#ing shoe so it doesn't come off again, Idiot!)

Tonight is performance number one. Then tomorrow afternoon; and again, tomorrow night. Oh MY!

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Julie said...

She is so cute in that outfit! You are gonna have your hands ful with her! Daddy...get the gun!