Friday, July 17, 2009

July's festivities

It's been a while since I posted. Following Eliana's recital, we drove down to LA for Tammy's wedding. Well, I drove; everyone else slept. Jayden got up at 3AM the morning we were supposed to leave with a massive fever and puking. It was iffy that we would even go! But, we did.

Jayden was the handsomest ring bearer ever and the girls were too cute in their fancy dresses.

While we were down there, we stopped to visit some friends. Dave, the kids, and I enjoyed a fabulous visit with Dave, Marcy, Jonathan, Zachary, and little Ben. The kids all got on famously and we had some wonderful grown-up visiting time.

Following that visit, we stopped at my aunt and uncle's house for a short visit with them. They invited my cousin and her husband to join us as well. I enjoyed getting to know them again. My aunt was brilliant! She bought a set of matchbox cars for Jayden and a princess crown for Ellie and playdoh for the kids to play with out back. They were so entertained it left lots of time for the grown-ups to chat! Kudos, Aunt Dori!!

When we got back from our trip, we had a couple of days at home before Dave set out for China. He was giving some training to the Chinese folks that needed to do some of what Dave does at work. It was quite an interesting experience for him. He also brought back some lovely treasures for us. He brought me a lovely silk blanket (that I don't know how to clean--it stinks). He brought the kids wooden swords, a wooden dinosaur, some traditional clothes, Panda themed playing cards and post cards, and a slingshot for Jayden and a beaded bracelet for Ellie. He also broke the camera while he was there. :( Gotta get that fixed!

Today we went to the Children's Discovery Museum with the Shuman Gang. We met at the lightrail at 9:30 and had a fabulous day! It was a lot of fun watching the older kids run around and play with stuff while the littlest amongst us soaked in all the fun from their perches in the carriers. They got to get out and play in the baby area for a long time, too.

The biggest news for today, however, comes from the littlest Stahl. She is cutting her first tooth! She will be 9 months old next week. I expect quite a bit of drool for the next few months while the teething proceeds. I need to make pictures of her toothless smile a priority for next week, though! :)

That's it for now. Jayden's birthday is coming up and we will have a party with a space theme. More info then.

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Julie said...

Wished I could've made it down to visit with you all. This moving and job thing got in the way. I look forward to seeing more pics of the littlest one...even the drool!