Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Here I try again!

I'm thinking I want to try keeping this blog updated again. I dont' think I will be able to post every day, but maybe once a week. We'll see how it goes.

I am searching the web for recipes right now. Looking for some fancy way of easily cooking the 6 lbs of pork loin in my fridge. Ok...I am only planning on cooking 2 lbs at a time and storing the rest in the freezer, but I still need a plan. I also got a great deal on pears, but the kids are not eating them with the gusto I expected. I think I will be making a dessert with them. Pear cobbler??

Crazy busy around here right now. Jayden is at the table furiously working on his homework so he can play. Eliana, who stayed home sick from school today is running around in circles with Janea. Grandma Tess is playing cars with Daniel James who is repeating her vroom vroom sounds. It's super cute! I think this may be the first time I've actually heard him making a sound on purpose for the purpose of making that sound. MILESTONES!!

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