Saturday, December 09, 2006

Last Weekend

So last weekend was super busy...especially Saturday. I went to Asilomar for the math conference where I gave my presentation and then up to Monterey for lunch with my mom and Charlotte. Then up to Boulder Creek to drop off the kids and San Francisco for the Masquerade Ball. Here are the pics from that busy busy day!
This is the gorgeous view from the window of the FishHopper restaurant where we had lunch

Here is Mom and Charlotte in front of Monterey Bay.

These were just fun shots that Dave and I took in our hotel room before we headed out to the party. Don't like the pictures of me at all. The one of me by myself was of me acting goofy because of what Dave was saying right before he snapped the photo. I look slutty! (Is that a word?) I think he said something about my big boobs. And, the one of us together was off-center and I was trying to push Dave over but he wouldn't budge. Not sure why it came out so fuzzy though. Anyway, enjoy! :)


The Pizzitola Family said...

You two look cute. Joe's sitting here and he said "Damn! Who's that with those big boobs?!" Not really. You guys look great. Lynday I've never seen you with hair and makeup done!

daniela said...

You look awesome! Wow!! And boy does Dave look happy :-). Great pictures - thanks for sharing. The view from the restaurant is spectacular, btw!

Lori said...

HOT! cute pictures...I think it's the first time i've seen you all dressed up too!

Stahl family said... doesn't happen often. That's for sure! :)

Judy said...

You guys look Great! I'm so glad you had a great time! What a busy day though.....amazing you look so wonderful after such a hectic day...and dealing with 'cleaning out the car' after your ride to Boulder Creek! ;)
Great pics!