Friday, June 15, 2007

Jayden is doing great with spelling!

Saturday we were driving up to the boat. It's a long drive. We talked about many things including the cows on the side of the road. Jayden pointed out to Eliana that cows say, "Moo". When we reached the lake, we pointed out the water to the kids and they got apporpriately excited. I asked Eliana if she wanted to get on a boat. She replied with a resounding, "NO! NO GET WET!" A sentiment that she stuck to all weekend. So after that remark, we got quiet. We were quiet for a good ten minutes while we paid for parking at the ranger station and found a spot for the car. As we pulled into the space, Jayden decided to show off his spelling skills.

"K starts with FUCK," he announced.

Dave and I were shocked, of course. But when we got done laughing our asses off, Dave pointed out, "Not exactly, Jayden. FUCK has a K at the end, but it starts with F." I guess it's as good a spelling lesson as any, right? :)

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The Pizzitola Family said...

Haaa haaaaa haaa haaaa. omg lmao!! haaaa hhhhh rotfl!!! hahhhhhhaaaaaa! Love it!! Glad mines not the only one cursing!!!