Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Money well spent!

When Jayden was about 4 months old, we bought him an Exersaucer for about $40. This lovely little jumpy toy was his favorite place to be when he wasn't curled up in my arms or sitting with Dave. He would jump and jump for minutes on end! When Jayden started crawling, I would put him in the Exersaucer to keep him from roaming too far when I needed some down time. He still loved it. We watched baseball games together while he was in it, we watched football; we watched Wheel of we watched a lot of TV. I was working an awful lot of hours for someone who was only part-time and by the end of the day, I was darned tired! Unfortunately, there came the day when Jayden discovered that he could crawl out of the Exersaucer and regain his freedom. That was the day we had to put it away.

But, when Eliana was old enough to hold her head up, we pulled it out again. This was a joyous day for everyone...except Eliana. She HATED it. I could put her in there for about 5 minutes before she would start WAILING. Jayden, of course, didn't mind that, because once she was out, he could get in again and play. He still loved it. Despite Ellie's lack of interest in this toy, we continued to use it. She was ok in there if we fed her Goldfish or other little finger foods...until either Jayden or Shayna came along and stole her snacks. She really liked being in the toy when we took her outside, though. This was usually the only way she was allowed out back with the pool.

Well, the time came that Eliana was too big for the Exersaucer too and I put it away until a friend had a baby. Then, I dug it out and loaned it. We visited this friend many times in the last year and neither one of my darlings paid it the slightest notice at her house. Last night, I brought it back home. Before I could put it away today, it caught Ellie's attention. Check it out:
Eliana spent a good half hour playing by herself in there and then when she was done, Jayden just had to have his turn. I am telling this very story, Eliana is back in it!!! :)


Lori said...

Faith and Mika loved the $10 exersaucer I bought through Craigslist and sold back out again for $10 :-) It wasn't as fun looking as the one you have though! It feels great doesn't it when you spent money that last for these kids? I am still loving the pull out kiddie sofa beds for our kids and just commented on it with hubby recently.

daniela said...

Very cute pictures! Kayleigh wasn't too crazy about the exersaurcer when she was a baby...Ryan, though, it was great. He definitely got use out of it :-). We still have it set up, although neither child use it. Well, Kayleigh does like to squeeeze herself in it from time to time like Jayden!

Violet the Verbose said...

That's so funny! Fiona HATED it - we got it pretty late for her and she was not having any of that - just wanted me to hold her while I did everything. Inara got much more use out of it but got to the point where she got frustrated being in it because she really just wanted to crawl around and play. We have the same one as you, btw - ha ha! It is all wiped off, boxed up, and ready to go to our friends with the twins now.