Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Year in Review!

So, I think I have finally hit the December peak! Let's recap...I finally got my CD out there; I spoke at the conference at Asilomar; I worked with a group of moms and we adopted a family; performed in the choir's winter concert; wrapped up school and spearheaded the Preschool's Teacher Appreciate December Event. Well, yep...that wraps up December. Of course, we still have Christmas with the in-laws coming, but that's not a big to-do for me. I just need to bring a little something and call it done. :)

So, now the whole recap:
January--My baby was still a baby back then and Jayden was a sweet at 3 could be. No major events.
February--Shayna learned it's not as much fun to chase cats as she thought it was. Didn't know what to do with it once she caught it!
March--Lots of visits from Michelle, Katie and Wes to celebrate MIL's 50th B-day.
April--Got some beautiful pics of the kids. Jayden peed all over the world when we finally said goodbye to diapers for real. Took the whole month, but he finally decided to do all his business in the potty! HURRAY!
May--House got broken into AGAIN and I was sad to find out that my dear friend was moving away. Spent a pleasant Mother's Day on the beach though, that was nice! Ellie is growing up too fast! Wants her hair combed and clips put in!
June--High school drama club reunion put a lift on things. I had a good time. My kids rediscovered the fun of the Exersaucer! HOW ridiculous!
July--Happy Birthday Jayden! My he seems too little to be four! Dad had his appendix out. That was a shocker!
August--Joint birthday party for the kids. Pirate themed...had a good time! Jayden and the boy next door became playmates. They really enjoy spending time with eachother. Gonna miss that when (if) we move back home!
September--Happy Birthday Eliana! Back to school for everyone! Jayden moved up to the Chavarim class and Eliana gets her first adventure in school in the Little Stars. I also went back to Notre Dame to teach just one class. Been quite an adventure for all of us!
October--Halloween! The kids were warm in their costumes! Jayden was a dinosaur and Eliana was an adorable Tigger!
November--Mom had angioplasty. Thanksgiving at my parents' house because...well you know!
December--not home yet, but soon!

Been a busy year! Hope you all have a good year and a relaxing holiday season!


The Pizzitola Family said...

It's funny how busy we get and not even realize it until we read back on it. Whew!

Violet the Verbose said...

I second what Julie said. Wow! What a full year for you. I look forward to reading about you guys moving back into your house. Do the kids still remember it?