Monday, December 31, 2007


...I hope! Here's hoping everyone had a good holiday season and looking forward to a great new year! Not starting out great for us so far, but it's got to look up from here. We got broken into again last night. They broke the garage door and the door to the house. Not sure where else there is damage. Stole tools again. Really mad! Time to file an insurance claim. They also took our hardwood flooring which was sitting in my office waiting to be laid. GRRR! Not sure which part is most frustrating to Dave, but for me it's the repairs that we can't afford to make and then the replacement of the stolen items...I guess for me it's about the money. Of course, there is the lack of security feeling now. Hope that will return when we move into the house and have security cameras up and Shayna living there. Yeah...Shayna's being there would help a lot! Maybe I'll work on the fence tomorrow.

On the upside, we seem to past our month of colds and fevers (I hope) and on the mend. With a little bit of luck, we should be happy and healthy in our own new house soon.


Violet the Verbose said...

I'm glad that you are all well. So sorry to hear about another burglary over there, and especially that they took the flooring as well as the tools! GEEZ! Slipshod says, "man, people suck."

Good wishes for the rest of the project. Maybe you should put those cameras up now! Someone must know you're not living there - it's obviously a target. I am sorry. That just stinks.

Here's hoping things improve and get finished soon and you can be there to stake your claim, as it were.

The Pizzitola Family said...

I think it's time to invest in those cameras and security now. In the long run it'll be worth it.

Glad you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...
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