Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's been an eventful year already...

...with celebrations of life, death, love, and relocation. Let's see how it all unfolded...

Dear friend and mother to Julie, Roz, left this world to walk with God earlier this month. Her services were held last week and I was honored to say Kaddish for her. I hope her family felt God's presence there and took comfort in the end of her suffering.

On a better note, yesterday was Ry-guy's 2nd birthday! I hope he is ready for a big celebration in his honor tomorrow! Happy Birthday, Buddy! And also on the celebratory note, Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary to Dave and me! It seems we have spent our entire lives together, but the marriage is only 9 years old. 9 is my special number...I hope it means there are good things in store for us this year.

Speaking of good things in store....we are planning to move home this weekend! God willing, we will get all the plumbing done tomorrow and Saturday so we can finish cleaning the kitchen and set up the bathroom. I think we have found the closet systems we like, too. I will be buying those tomorrow if Dave decides he likes 'em. Then we can finally move home!!!!!! YAY!!! YIPEE!!! The excitement is overwhelming! We have 2 TONS of things yet to do, but at least we will be home to do them.

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