Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Blue Sharpie, anyone?

March ended. April came and went. And, here we are into May already. Where does the time go? I'll tell you...it's days like these!Yes! That is blue Sharpie! My darling children found this lovely writing implement and this is what apparently happened...

All was calm at 3:55 pm that fateful Monday afternoon. The Sit-and-Play friends were due to arrive in five minutes or so, but all was well. The pregnant mommy decided she needed one more quick trip to pee before all the chaos ensued. "I am going to the bathroom, and then our friends should be here, " she announced to the children who were behaving so nicely.

When reappearing on the scene, the mother of these two adorable children was greeted with cheerful shouts, "Mommy look at Ellie's face!" With that, the weary woman glanced over to the spot where the little cherubs were and stared. There were no words for what she saw! The little girl was covered on every inch of her unclothed portions with BLUE!

Don't believe it? Have a look!Pay attention to the feet as well...as described...no portion of exposed skin was left untainted.

The mother, having a great sense of humor, could not pass up the opportunity to snap a few pictures before sending the colored child in for a bath. The older male child was designated door man to allow the expected guests inside upon their imminent arrival.

After 30 minutes in the bath with a bottle of liquid soap and washcloth, all the blue that could be washed off the child, was left in a ring on the edges of the freshly cleaned tub. The child was clearly still marked with the remnants of blue, but much cleaner.

"Oh well...it was bath day anyway," remarked the mother.


The Pizzitola Family said...

Yeah a new post!!! I'm so excited!

Ellie has got to be one of the cutest kids ever with that curly, curly hair! Love it!!! Blues her color...she looks very good in it.

Kris said...

Love that hair!! Ahhh motherhood is sooo wonderful and life is very unsuspecting. Great isn't it? LOL LOL
To do it over again....grandkids. You can retuen them HA!

Violet the Verbose said...

Omigosh they look SO pleased with themselves. HA HA HA -



Sorry I've been away for so very, very long. Yeesh. I need to go read some more to see how far along you are. How exciting!