Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ok...really?? It's been a month and a half since I had anything to post?? Unbelieveable! The summer seems to be flying by. No one is missing us, but we are pretty busy these days. Not sure what that says, but, I'm going to guess that it means everyone else is busy, too.

Jayden is almost 5. We will have a birthday party to celebrate the weekend after his birthday. That just seems to be a more convenient time than his actual birthday. I can't believe he is almost 5 already! Wow! In fact, we went to a little celebration the other day for Kayleigh's 5th birthday and I just couldn't believe how big all the little ones are! Not only were Jayden and Kayleigh having a great time jumping in the bounce house together, but Eliana and Ryan were jumping in there having a great time, too! It amazes me to think about how much growing these little guys do right in front of our eyes and yet we don't really notice until we look back at all the pictures of them as babies! I am resolved to working on my photo albums. I really want to do the scrapbooking thing. I save all kinds of shit to put in them...maps, menus, pictures, tickets, etc. But, I am terrible about setting up a work space and actually sitting down to put the darn thing together. Maybe now that I am not working anymore, I will make the time.

Anyway, moving on....

Eliana is growing up so fast, I can hardly keep up. She is now potty trained (sort of)...Only with reminders does she actually make it to the potty before she wets herself. BUT, she is fully capable of handling all of her potty needs by herself. I am hoping she will soon, get the hang of it. Tomorrow we will go for another growth check on her. I am expecting to see some results tomorrow. I think she has sprouted a bit since her last check-up. However, I am still concerned about the sleep apnea. We'll get a decision on the tonsillectomy tomorrow.

Little sister seems to have just gone through a growth spurt also. I feel like a balloon. I will have a check-up tomorrow too, just to see how this little one is doing. I think Dave and I have also agreed to disagree on the name. I told him if we can't pick one before she is born, her name will be Strawberry. I actually kind of like it, but he is opposed. BIG SURPRISE! :)

Things are coming along on the house. We bought some bookshelves at Ikea this weekend for the upstairs...they are huge, but don't hold nearly enough. We are either going to have to get rid of some crap or buy more shelving...or both! Anyway, I am emptying boxes. I am thrilled to finally have someplace to put stuff! Dave, in the meantime, is working on the front yard. We picked out some great pavers and he is laying the walkway and a patio out front for me. We'll have to work on the 'tilling and the sod soon. I want it in before the rains (I hope) come.

Well....hopefully, I'll update again soon. Please leave me a comment if you read this so I know you are still out there. :)


The Pizzitola Family said...

Where have I been?? You're having another girl! Yeah!!! I'm so happy for you. If you can't decide on a name...Julie is available for you...LOL!!
How is Daniela and the new baby doing? Haven't talked to her in FOREVER...similiar to me not talking to you in FOREVER!!! Life does move so quickly. I can't believe our kids are going to be in Kindergarten. Wow!!
Thinking of you!

Kris said...

You having a girl? When is she coming....I heard you were preggie but not when due....I can't believe how big the kids are. I remember when Jayden was little and yoou were just pregnant with Eliana. Gosh time does fly by.
so glad you don't have to woirk anymore and things are going so well.
Take care


daniela said...

I'm here! Good to see you today, thanks for having us over. Kayleigh and Ryan (Jacob too..that's why he spit up all over you, just so you'd know)had a great time. And thank you for the awesome clothes, yay!! Can't wait to meet Strawberry :-)!