Monday, July 28, 2008's definitely hormones! I have been a crabby crank all weekend and bleeding into today. Nothing special going on except Jayden's birthday, but I can't figure why that would get my panties in a bunch.

Dave rented a cement mixer this weekend to work on the steps for the side of the house, out back, and in the front as well as filling in the holes the contractor dug out when they were working on the foundation. He didn't get nearly as much done as he wanted, but there is now a step out the side door and the hole is filled in over there. As soon as he cleans it up over there, that side of the house will be kid friendly.

He did a lot of work during the time he was working on it. I just wonder why he dilly-dallies so much when trying to accomplish a goal. He didn't get the cement or the mixer here until mid-day on Saturday. By the time they got the step poured, it was nearly 8 PM. That left the birthday-shopping we were planning for Saturday to become Sunday's task. But, Sunday was fine.

We started the day with special Birthday Sprinkle Pancakes (which I made WAY TOO DRY). The kids loved that. It may become a tradition! YIKES! Then we took the kids to Toys R Us. We stopped at the Customer Service desk so Jayden could tell them what a special day it was. They honored him with a paper crown, balloon, and a little Hulk toy. We then proceeded to spend 2 HOURS perusing the store for just the right toys. Jayden was allowed to pick out any one toy that he wanted as his special birthday surprise. Then he would get to pay for it--which is just as much fun for him as the shopping part. He ended up with a Transformer toy that was only $30. I was expecting something much bigger. I pushed him towards things like Hot Wheels tracks and the like, but he found his passion in the Transformers. He didn't even want to look at Power Rangers once he saw the Transformer of his choice. So....we made it out of there with out spending a fortune (YAY).

Next stop, Lucky's. I needed cake filling and frosting. It took Dave and I over 30 minutes to finally give up looking for cake filling, ask the girl behind the bakery counter about it, reject the Jello brand Oreo Cookie custard (which is all they had), and get an offer from the girl to put some bakery filling in a tub for us. If I had known that getting her to put some filling in a tub for 99 cents was all it took to get the filling Dave wanted, I would have gone there right from the beginning. But...oh well. We got that, went home, and I took a nap.

I woke up to cake disaster part 3. Let's catch up on this...I made the cake right after breakfast, but I didn't have any crisco to grease the pans with. I sprayed with Pam instead. But, I didn't get the sides well and the cake didn't rise on the sides. Part 2 of the disaster was the fiasco at the market. So...part 3. I now needed to put the jelly filling on one layer, put the second layer on, and frost the whole dang thing. Well....I've never done jelly filling. I used all of what the girl gave us. It was like 2 inches of filling!!!! Oops! When trying to disassemble the mess, I ended up breaking both cake rounds. GRRRR!!! But, eventually, I managed to scoop out enough of the jelly, put the two rounds together and frost the POS! Luckily, it looked decent when I was done.

From there, the day went smoothly (well it was almost over after all). Dinner and cake at my folks' and then one more gift for Jayden to open (from Grandma and Papa). Then home to bed. Ahhh....bliss!

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The Pizzitola Family said...

Ok, so I'm a super a bad friend. I didn't get around to came to town! I will call. Tell Mr. J happy, happy birthday. And give him a kiss for me.
I hope you start feeling better soon. It probably is hormones and if not you have a great excuse to blame it on that...YELL all you want!!! Call me if I don't call you!

PS...and to a Myspace you sent forever ago...yes I'll be around this summer except for Aug. 15-17 & 21-25 when Joes mom will here.