Friday, August 22, 2008

Jelly Belly anyone??

We took a trip to Fairfield today to visit the Jelly Belly Factory! It was really cool to see how the candies are made. It takes WAY longer to make them than it does to eat them FOR SURE! But, we had a great time touring the factory and then visiting the store afterwards. I would suggest to anyone who is thinking about going to call ahead and see if you can reserve a tour time. We waited in line for an hour or so for the tour; then the tour itself was almost an hour; then we wandered the store area for some time. It was a lot of foot time and my dogs are BARKING! I also recommend that you plan to have lunch somewhere and locate the where and how to get there before you start out so you don't end up at Denny's just because it's the only place there is. They have a cafe at the factory. I might just eat there next time. We'll see.

Jayden posed in front of a coin-operated Jelly Belly dispenser for me. He's so cute!

The big stuffed Jelly Belly guy was just begging for a photo-op!

Eliana was sooooooo happy to have a cute little hat that we all had to wear on the tour. BTW, if you bring a hat of your own, you don't HAVE to wear theirs. But, the hat was half the fun, right?

Jayden's such a ham! Kind of looks like a pirate in this snap.

Ashley so did NOT want to wear the hat. Too bad, it looks good on her! :)



In 1976 I invented the Jelly Belly. So glad you enjoyed the plant tour. I am in the middle of writing the story of my life--A man and his beans---and a documentary is being made on my life by Costa Botes. If you have time my blog is If you are ever in southern Cal we have a candy factory in Covina which I would love to give your family a tour......david klein

Jeremy H. said...

We love the Jellybelly tour. It's so amazing that it takes that long to make them. Even though it's less than an hour away, we rarely are able to go visit the factory.

I can speak from personal experience. The cafe at the factory is pretty good for being what it is. I had worse food at the College Dorms...