Monday, August 25, 2008

Jayden's first day of Kindergarten

went very smoothly. We had to rush a bit in the morning. For some unknown reason, he has been getting up between 6 and 8 all summer long. Yesterday, however, when he needed a little more time in the morning, he didn't wake up until 8:15!! It's not terrible since his school day doesn't begin until 9:00. BUT, we had a lot to get done before class started 45 minutes later. I rushed him through some Cheerios for breakfast and then he jumped in the shower with Dave for a quick once over. Then it was to the bedroom for dressing and shoes. We finally made it out of here and into the car at 8:52! I'm glad we chose the neighborhood school!

He was pretty excited all summer about starting kindergarten, but I think he was a little nervous when we first got there.When we got there Grandma Tess was there with her camera to take 'first day of school pictures'. Her's probably came out better than mine, I was in a rush to get us to where the kids are supposed to line up since we were so late. I didn't want us to be late getting into the room.

They let us into the room pretty quick after 9AM. We walked in (very slowly because there were parents with every kid) and Jayden found his cubby:

He dropped off his lunchbox into his cubby and retrieved his nametag.
Then we went to find him a seat. He ended up sitting at a table with 2 other boys and then a third joined them. The third boy was wearing the same shirt as Jayden. They thought that was kind of cool! :) On our way out, I saw this sign. We were, apparently, supposed to see this on our way in. His teacher should have put it outside the door instead of inside. Too many people were blocking the sign for us to see it. Good thing we can follow the crowd and deduce what to do.

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The Pizzitola Family said...

Our day was chaotic too! We're on the other end of the sleeping spectrum...Rebecca is waking up WAY early...still dark out early! He's so handsome and looks at ease there.