Monday, September 15, 2008

Pamper ME!!!

So, I got a visit today from my Mary Kay consultant. She pampered me with a color consultation and I got some new colors and brush set! I've never had a brush application set before, but it was so nice to try on the make-up with real brushes that I just had to spoil myself! :D

After getting all made up nicely, I just had to get out. I took Ellie to lunch, the grocery store, and then to pick Jayden up from school. I'm pooped! Too bad there is no rest for the weary, though! I have to pack Jayden to go to my mom's for 3 days (just in case it takes that long). He'll be staying there tonight, tomorrow, and possibly Wednesday night until Ellie comes home from the hospital. Then, I have to lug in the juice, gatorade, and otter pops that Eliana and I picked up at the market. Time to chill that stuff so it's ready for MissE when she gets home. Lastly, I need to bathe the kids! They are WAY overdue for baths and I want Ellie to be clean before she goes in for surgery and Jayden just needs to be clean! :)

But, I think I'll take a nap first. I'm too tired to work.


Julie said...

I hope the surgery goes well for you guys. Give that cutie a big hug from us. Good luck!!

Kris said...

All will go well...Just make sure she drinks LOTS! and takes her pain medication every 4 hours...

let us know!