Monday, September 22, 2008

How do I keep up with all this?

What a week we've had!

First off--Eliana's surgery went just fine. She was up and chatting away hours after recovery. She got some good sleep on Tuesday after the surgery, but was up at 4AM in hospital Wednesday morning. We got her some jello, pudding, and good strong dose of Cinderella. She was asleep again by 6; but only for 2 more hours. By then, she was content to be doted on by the hospital staff and more than willing to stay for another couple of days. Too bad she was discharged in just a few hours! :) She's done very well at home until last night. Not sure why suddenly, but she is having some very active dreams in the wee hours of the morning. Needless to say, I am back to less sleep than what makes me a happy mama! I think I will have her sleep in my bed for a couple more nights just to be sure she is not in physical pain or jeopardy.

Jayden had a FABULOUS week at Grandma and Papa's house last week. We dropped him off after a tasty dinner at Sweet Tomatoes on Monday. Grandma took him to school, picked him up, took him to Karate, made dinner, and purely pampered that boy. After school on Tuesday, Papa took him for a haircut ( he needed it!). Then he had time to play with the boy next door--his very favorite treat at Grandma's and Papa's! He had quite a busy day wrapped up with a bath and a phone call from Ellie from her hospital bed. She had been missing him terribly.

He got to school late on Wednesday because Papa got confused about what time Jayden's class started, but he still seemed to have a pretty good day. Grandma and Papa picked him up from school (which was a really good thing because I was so tired, I flopped into bed and fell soundly asleep as soon as we got Ellie home from the hospital) and brought him home. The first thing he said was, "How come her voice sounds funny?" about Ellie's apparent voice change. I think she sounds louder and right now a bit strained because of the healing, but everyone else seems to think she definitely sounds different. Well, not too much longer after Jayden arrived home for the first time in 2 days, Anne shows up at the door to take him to the park! Eliana was extremely distressed that she couldn't also go. But, Jayden, in true form, was an angel and had a wonderful time playing. Then, came home and crashed. He turned into a cranky boy pretty darn quick. He was a bit sleep deprived after all his fun.

Needless to say, this was a very busy week and I only got to Wednesday! Thursday was a pretty mellow day for us, but Friday got crazy all over again. It was Shivam's birthday--yeah...the boy next door to my parents' house. Jayden and Ellie both got to go over to play (no sense in holding her back, she was ready). They played for a couple of hours; had cake; and rushed home for Shabbat services. Ellie fell asleep on my lap just minutes into the service. What a sleepy girl! Amazingly, she slept all night.

Saturday, we went to the Community Festival. We wanted to see the swordfighting demonstrations. It was rather disappointing. They needed more swordplay and less talky-talk. What we did see was fun, though. Again we ran into Anne, Matt, and the kids. We also saw much of our sit-n-play group there! But, we left to get pizza and eat in the parlor. Dave loves that and I have to admit, the pizza is way better when you eat it there!

Shortly thereafter, Andee and the kids came by for a visit. The 4 kids had a jolly good time playing in our playroom (which is now a declared disaster area!). Then off to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes again. Jayden and Eliana really do eat well there AND you can't beat the price of a kid's meal there...just $1.69 for kids ages 3-5!! Under 3 is free and 5+ is like $2 more. Pretty good deal!!!

Sunday was another teaching day for me and a fun day at religious school for Jayden. I was ready for some serious R&R at the end of my weekend. Today, I am working on the laundry and some cleaning up around here. Gotta seriously get ready for this baby!! Unfortunately, I am so overwhelmed by the stuff we have and the mess and the lack of energy in my body, I am really frustrated on how to prepare and make myself feel good about being here.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Pamper ME!!!

So, I got a visit today from my Mary Kay consultant. She pampered me with a color consultation and I got some new colors and brush set! I've never had a brush application set before, but it was so nice to try on the make-up with real brushes that I just had to spoil myself! :D

After getting all made up nicely, I just had to get out. I took Ellie to lunch, the grocery store, and then to pick Jayden up from school. I'm pooped! Too bad there is no rest for the weary, though! I have to pack Jayden to go to my mom's for 3 days (just in case it takes that long). He'll be staying there tonight, tomorrow, and possibly Wednesday night until Ellie comes home from the hospital. Then, I have to lug in the juice, gatorade, and otter pops that Eliana and I picked up at the market. Time to chill that stuff so it's ready for MissE when she gets home. Lastly, I need to bathe the kids! They are WAY overdue for baths and I want Ellie to be clean before she goes in for surgery and Jayden just needs to be clean! :)

But, I think I'll take a nap first. I'm too tired to work.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Lazy weekend

Our first "school year" weekend has been very relaxing so far. In fact, yesterday's major accomplishment was a trip to the market! Yep!! That's it! We made it a family trip and spent (unbelievably) less than I normally do when I go by myself! Usually Dave is a major impulse shopper, but yesterday, he pretty well stuck to the list and not much else. I was surprised. No doubt, I'll have to go back in the next couple of days to pick up dinner things like veggies, etc. But, even was nice not to have to do all that by myself.

The trip must have worn me out, because after lunch we all sat down to watch Mythbusters ( that show) and I fell soundly asleep. Must have been an hour later, I woke dripping in sweat! TMI...I know. Pregnancy though....the good with the bad right?! So, fanning myself off with my T, Dave snaps a couple of shots like this:

Gotta just love these shots that show off the absolute ENORMITY of how I feel! He could have warned me to at least comb my hair first!

In the meantime, we bought a Wii last week and the kid were playing Mario driving games. Not too long after the picture above, we get a holler from Jayden, "Ellie's alseep!" And sure enough:
She fell asleep right there in the chair playing Wii with Jayden. Isn't she cute?

She dropped her controller on the floor and didn't even budge when Dave carried her off to bed for a little nap. Jayden however:
Continued right on playing. Isn't he a doll?