Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Facebook is changing my life...

So...I used to blog here, do email through a real email program, and play games on a separate program on my computer. Facebook has changed all of that! I now "blog", email, catch-up with folks, and play games all in the same place. I wonder if Facebook is a secret government agency trying to get us hooked and trapped so they can manipulate us. After all, every application wants you to invite your friends!

On the plus side, I update my "status" frequently enough that my family and friends keep up with what ever shit happens to float through my mind. But, my sisters Michelle and Katie said that they feel more connected with me now since they get regular updates of what's going on. I also really like that I have been able to connect with other "former" friends that I've lost touch with. We don't have much to talk about any more, but it makes me feel better that we just drifted apart and that life got in the way rather than there was a particular reason for the rift.

The down side of FB, is that I don't update my blog much anymore and I fear that I will look back later and wonder what the heck I was doing with myself during the big blanks of time between postings. Oh...then I might remember I was playing countless games of Scramble on FB! :)

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Julie said...

I'm with ya! I need to be better at updating my blog too. I will feel really bad if I abandon it all together since I've put 5 years into it. Keep this up though. I love the longer posts and the pictures you put here.