Sunday, February 22, 2009

Book report...

Jayden just finished writing his first "book report". He was supposed to read a story and then draw a picture of what he liked best about the story. Then, he had to write two sentences about that part of the story and why he liked it. As soon as he finished, he ran to the bathroom announcing, "I have to go POOP!"

He says to Ellie, bring in Daddy's books and we can play school! So, there he is sitting butt naked on the toilet (yes...he strips completely to poop) "reading" Dave's books to Ellie. The two of them love to play with books. Now, I suppose there are worse things to play with, but really...Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and the like are NOT exactly beginning readers! It's a good thing they don't get very far in each book.

So, Dave and I are sitting at our computers listening to the kids. We hear Jayden say, "It's working!" We have to find out what that's about...he was snapping his fingers. He's so cute!


Julie said...

That's a funny story!!! I'm laughing really hard at what he could possibly be talking about. What's working??????

Stahl family said...

We think it was the finger snapping that was working...I don't dare ask if that wasn't it!