Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Lynda is...

...totally frustrated! How is it that I can't manage to work out a day to get up to Napa to see such a good friend of mine? I mean, how hard is it to pick a day that Dave can take off work so he can stay home and take care of the kids so I can go up to Napa and visit? I mean, her schedule is so limited by her job that it has to be a work-week weekends and early in the week, too! Next week is totally out and then she is leaving to go back home! Why couldn't I figure this out? It's not like it's hard to dump all the daily activity on Dave...between schools, dance, karate, t-ball, and choir, we usually have plenty of activity during the week. But, it's not so much that we couldn't have tried something. Oh sigh!

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