Monday, March 23, 2009

The tables have turned!

Tonight, while getting ready for bed, Eliana was taking care of her toileting needs and Jayden took his turn at "check to see if my butt is clean" duty. I couldn't help laughing out loud when he took a flushable wipe and helped her out!

In other news: Jayden had his first T-ball game on Saturday. It was the funniest thing on earth. I loved watching the kids run all over the field to chase the ball. I just wish mine was one of them. He was not at all interested in the game around him. When he was up to bat, he hit the ball then watched as it rolled away. He had to be told several times to put the bat down and run to 1st base. When he was on second, he stayed there even though everyone else was running. The 3rd base coach had to go get him and walk him to third. Over all, it was very cute. I assume that when he gets a better feel of the game, he will pay more attention and it will get somewhat exciting. :)

Jayden is also getting to be quite the reader. He is enjoying his books now and loves to read signs and short little excerpts of things. He actually read an entire book to me yesterday. I am really pleased that he is starting to open up to this new world of reading. Now if he would only outgrow the need to torture Eliana and love her the way he does Janea.....

Eliana is learning by leaps and bounds, too. She also likes to demonstrate how incredibly smart she is. She was pointing out her letters to me the other day (her "sight words") and she was showing me the A and called it the "Uppercase A". When she pointed to the a, she called it the "Downercase a". I never laughed so hard! :)

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Julie said...

Downercase a....that's freakin' funny. I totally choked on my coffee! Thanks for the laugh Eliana!!!