Saturday, March 28, 2009

Neighborhood friends

I love having friends to visit within walking distance of our house. It's what I have always wanted for my kids.

Yesterday we went to play at their house after dinner. They all got along well and played very nicely. Unfortunately, though, Eliana became accident prone. She fell onto her face while playing on the swing.

Later, we were walking home and she and Jayden decided to run. Jayden was wearing sandals that strap to his feet. He was fine. Eliana was running in her bright orange flip flops that are 5 sizes too big for her but she loves anyway. She tripped.

The right knee is still protected by the bandaid.The left knee at the time of the unveiling.

Pobrecita! If we didn't have such fun while we were there....


Anonymous said...

I've always said flipflops are horrible for your feet and unsafe and should only be used on the beach and as shower shoes! One of the nastiest things I had happen - nail in foot - was because flipflops caught on something. Absolutely no foot support either - ask Katie! Okay no more soapbox - poor little Ellie! Those faceplant on the cement booboos hurt alot! I'm sure she was very brave though!

Julie said...

Awe...poor baby. I'm a flip flop I respectfully disagree with the above comment! LOL!