Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I love how little kids distort words to say them the best they know how. Here are a few of my favorites:

Jayden: kee-koo---cookie
             reg-yule-----regular (Ellie did this one too)

Eliana: ham-aise---mayonaise
            p-yule-----pool (also true for skee-yule---school) Not sure how she managed to draw that one out so much
Janea: bamana---banana
           any word that starts with "s" or an "s" blend becomes a word that starts with "t" or the first hard sound of the blend for example "top" is the word for "stop" as well as the "pinning" toy. She would learn later in "tool" that her ABC's have letters between H and Q but for now those letters are just "m n m o p". And someday she is going to get wise to the M&M's that have S's on them and will call them "kittles" instead of "M-a-M's".

I'm looking forward to decifering Daniel James as he gets into the speaking world too. So far, he's pretty challenging to interpret. EEEEE, AAAAAAAAA, and Bah, Gah, Dah, for just about anything and everything that he wants. Food, toys or otherwise. He's not too articulate.  But, you can be sure when he doesn't like it. He is loud! He does shake his head no when he doesn't want something and he waves hi and bye. He even said "HI" to Aunt Michelle on the phone the other day, but it could have been a fluke. I choose to believe he meant it. :D

And, although one day this list will include Daniel's distortions,  I can wait. He is growing up so fast on me, I want to cry. I swore I would enjoy his baby-ness and his every stage because I worked so hard through the rest of the kids' baby stages, I missed it. But, Daniel is growing up WAY to fast on me. He's creeping up on his first birthday and already walking. Early like his sisters on that one. It's cute though. He's got that wide-footed stance and each step is a hard-fought battle to stay upright. When he gets to his destination on foot, he's so proud! I love his adorable little grin! When he smiles he does it with his whole face! AND, like his brother and sisters, he smiles all the time. It's simply wonderful!!!

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