Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween 2011

Poor Daniel James was sick this weekend. He had a fever of 104.7!! I can't believe he was that hot. But, I waited until Tuesday morning to take him to the doc and lo and behold, there was no fever, no sign of illness, just fatigue from having been sick. GRR!  He did still get to go to the pumpkin patch on Saturday with all of us.  Dave and I took the kids to the little pumpkin patch by our house Saturday. They had a good time playing on the hay maze and in the pumpkins. They went on the little train ride and a hay ride through the sunflowers. It was nice and small and fun.  We opted not to get pumpkins because they were pricy there, but it was a good time.

Sunday, Grandma Tess took the kids to the big, fancy pumpkin patch in Morgan Hill. She said it was a ZOO of people (as I said it would be). They waited 45 minutes in line for the petting zoo and the pony rides. They did get to go through a corn maze. Jayden said it wasn't much fun because there were no choices at the intersections. There was only one way to go--no false paths. He's getting so big!! :D

In the end, she agreed with me that it was not worth it to go on the weekend there because of all the chaos. Next year, she wants to take them during the week and after school.....we'll see.

I'm getting ready to make Eliana's Halloween costume. Daniel James is going to wear the wizard costume that all the other kids have worn in yr 1. Janea got a hand-me-down purple dragon that she wants to wear. Jayden wants to be Thor so his costume is coming in from Amazon in a few days. But, Eliana didn't really know what she wanted to be. Dave really wants her to be a lion because her hair is so perfect for it. SO, I am going to make her a lion costume and see what she thinks of it. :D

Speaking of costumes...I think Jayden's has just arrived!

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