Tuesday, October 11, 2011


"Someone" complained at choir that she's had to listen to my chatter for a year now during rehearsal and she's tired of it. She talked to our new president and the president sent out a message to the board (which I'm on) stating that I've basically blown her off in her every attempt to get me to shut up. Little Complainer says that we are breaking her concentration during rehearsals. Here's my defense:

1) No one has ever said to me directly that my occasional talking has been a problem to them.
2) The major complainer has issues with OH SO MANY members of the group. It's as if she wants to be the only member of the chorus.
3) How am I supposed to know you have a problem with me if you don't TELL me?!

and the last thing I have to say on the subject....

4) It's a fucking non-audition community chorus singing easy to moderate music.  It's not hard!! It's not like concentration is so demanding that airplanes are going to crash to the ground killing thousands of people if a little conversation is distracting you. And, lastly, its not a fucking prayer service! Loosen up and have a little fun you self-indulging prima dona!

Wow! I feel better!

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