Monday, March 05, 2012


Jayden has finally decided to ride a bike! We've given him tons of opportunity! He got his first trike at a WAY too young age from his grandma, but he loved it. He got his first real bike from us at age 3 with the cute little training wheels and everything--the whole she-bang! He loved it. At age 6 he was too big for this tiny little bike. We got him a new bike and went out and got special  training wheels to fit it so he could gain his confidence. He wouldn't have it. He just didn't want to try. Last summer, we bought Jayden a NEW bike thinking it would encourage him to want to ride. Nothing doing! He still didn't want to.

Well, this weekend was the magic weekend! He FINALLY did it! He got on his bike and rode and rode and rode all weekend long! YEE-HAW! One down, three to go! :O

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