Sunday, March 11, 2012

Say PLEASE Dang it!!

HELP!! Janea is going through a new phase where she won't talk. She will only grunt, whine and point at the things she wants and having screaming fits when she doesn't get it. I need advice on getting her back on track to asking for what she wants (besides the obvious of not giving in--I got that one down). Also, please recommend any children's books on the topic of saying please and thank you that you think are good. Thank you!!
 In complete contrast, Daniel is really starting to imitate syllables. I think he will start talking in a few months. He has two or three consistent sounds like Pop--popcorn, Pop-pop-Papa, and an occasional Ma or Mam-mam-mam-mam which I think is Mama, but I'm not arrogant enough to say for certain.
 Speaking of speaking, Jayden has gotten a very fresh mouth! He feels that he has the right to talk back at me at every turn when he doesn't get what he wants or when we ask him to do something or if he's hungry and feeling grouchy...actually, I don't know if there is any particular pattern to his mouthing off. It seems to be instantaneous when he turns it on and then you can see it simmer and flow out of him. Oh, sigh!
 Eliana is my angel. No complaints or issues about her today. Tomorrow may be another story. She has a dentist appointment. I hate those! :(

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