Monday, September 26, 2005

Sweet Tomatoes for my sweet boy!

Today we finally made it to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. Thank you Paula, Malena, Stacy and Monica for joining us! I would like to say it was calm and relaxing just like the old days, but it wasn't exactly calm. I enjoyed the company and the conversation greatly, though! It was nice to be with friends again. I am feeling very isolated at home. While I enjoy my own company, I do believe that you can have too much of a good thing! :)

After lunch, we came home and I fought with Jayden for a bit for his nap, but he finally succumbed to sleep. That leaves me a few blessed minutes to myself (Eliana is sleeping atm too) with a whole bunch of stuff to do and not knowing where to start! I figured that I would post this entry and take a nap. Everything will still be there when Jayden and I wake up.

I do need to put Eliana's medical file together. She has her first appointment with the pediatrician tomorrow. SO EXCITING! :) I love how tiny she is! I hope she doesn't grow up too fast on me. I can't believe how big Jayden is already and he wants to potty train! I don't think he is ready, but it seems too early to me. I think he would know best if he was ready or not. Everyone said it would go so quickly! I think there were many times that I forgot to pay attention! :( I must remember not to just get through the day, but to LIVE the day. I think I will try to make that my new motto....Live the day! Well, I am off to LIVE my nap. :)


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