Thursday, June 29, 2006

Silly me!

I seem to pack a lot of activities into some days and leave other days with no outings at all. I am not sure how that always seems to happen! But, today we went to our last music class. I am sort of sad about it. Jayden has really enjoyed music class for the most part. He may not always seem to be paying attention to what is happening, but he always walks out with some song rolling off his tongue. We have been playing the hiding game a lot lately and he always wants me to sing the song we learned in class. I think he has demonstrated that the program had great value for him. Eliana seems to really like it too. I will continue to take her to class in the fall even if Jayden can't come with. Since Jayden is on the waiting list for preschool, I can't say for sure when he will get in and whether or not he is going to be attending music class or preschool. I guess we have to wait and see.

Anyway, I said we pack a lot in on some days...We went to Bonfante Gardens after music class today. It was a little warmer than I expected, but I don't know why I expected it to be less than hot. It was GILROY for God's sake! Nevertheless, we had a great time. We met Fernanda, Santiago, Xaree, Ivana, Marek, and Mira there. Sorry Cristina couldn't make it. Poor Vincent had a nasty fever last night. Well wishes y'all! We went on several rides (Jayden enjoyed the boat ride so much that we stayed on for a second go-around!); had a nice lunch in the air-conditioned restaurant; visited the water play where the kids had a blast and got absolutely soaked; played a game on the midway (Jayden chose to go fishing and he WON!); and decided it was time to head home. Well, stupid, silly, dinghy me!! I left my lights on when we got to the park. My battery was too low to start the car. So, I called Fernanda to see if she had jumper cables--which she did not. Then, I went to the Guest Services counter to see if they had a guy out there just for this sort of thing (I can't be the only moron out there!) but they don't. So, I called AAA and they said they would be about an hour. More time out in the hot hot sun! Luckily, I was smart enough to pack some water bottles. Eliana was a really thirsty girl. She drank about 1/2 a bottle while we were waiting. We went back and forth from the car to the shady benches a couple of times while we waited. Sure enough, the AAA guy showed up while we were on the benches BUT not until we were totally blocked from view by a big ol' school bus! NO, I did not miss the guy. I heard his truck and thought,"I bet that's my guy!" So I looked and there he was! He took my keys from me; put them in the ignition; turned it....and started right up!!!!! I was out there for only 30 minutes, but HOW STUPID!!! I could have done that! BUT IT DIDN'T WORK WHEN I TRIED TO START THE CAR!!!!! What an exciting end to my day!....

Oh no! Not the end! Just after I get home and unload the car, my brother announces that he needs to go downtown and pick up his car from the fix-it shop. Who gets to go?!? Yep!!! ME! So, Jayden and I loaded back up in the car (my mom volunteered to watch Eliana) and with Jeff, off we went on the most round-about tour of San Jose. The cool thing was that we were right under the flight path at the autobody shop. While Jayden and I were waiting for Jeff to take care of business, we watched several planes fly by at very close range. Jayden thought that was way cool! On the way home, we drove by the Tech Museum. That was awesome just because of it's size and the bright orange paint, but also because of the big Superman Returns advertisment on the front of it. Jayden is WAY into Superman these days. Not sure what sparked his interest, but he makes capes out of the most interesting things!

In any case, we also saw a lot of cars (which are very fun for Jayden) and I quote, "...a TRAIN ON THE ROAD!!" When we stopped for the lightrail to pass.

All in all, it was an extremely exciting day! The good thing about spending such an adventure-filled day with Jayden is that he provides about 80% of the dialogue. :)

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