Thursday, October 19, 2006

Woe is me! I am not so woe...but I am missing my friends and my kids' friends. I miss having regular playgroups where we get to see the same folks week after week and keep up in the lives of those around us. We are doing fine, don't get me wrong! I just miss the old days.

For those who read the last post, Jayden is doing fine. There didn't seem to be any reactions to the pills at all. Eliana is also doing ok. She fell down a few stairs yesterday so we rushed off to the store to get a baby gate for the top of the stairs. Of course, my mom and I were both on the stairs with Ellie when she fell yesterday, so a baby gate is not the be-all-end-all answer to the problem. But, it made me feel like I was doing something about it. Then, she broke out in the nastiest of all diaper rashes today. One diaper change was totally normal and then, BOOM, a short bit later (and I mean short...she has been pooping little pellet poops all day long), she had another poopy diaper and KERBLAM! Nasty rash all over. Poor girl...she wouldn't sit or stop crying and fussing and stupid me... I didn't know why. Once I cleaned her up and put half a tube of Desitin on her bum, she felt much better and wolfed down some dinner.

Anyway, I babble. If you are out there, I would love to hear it. :)


Violet the Verbose said...

Omigosh, how scary about Jayden taking the pills! And hello, how did I miss Ellie turning a year old?! I was just thinking the other day that she must have done that. Wow!

Hey, I didn't mean to get all silent, but I don't get to play on my computer much. I actually meant to have you and the kids over this week and now it's Friday tomorrow - where did the days go?! We still have boxes and stuff everywhere so I don't know how safe you would feel your kids are here, but we have a back yard to play in as well, and that's normal - no boxes, just grass and plants and toys. :o) Let me know if half-moved-in is okay/safe for Jayden and Ellie, and if yes, then we're free next weekn on Weds., Thurs. or Fri.!

The Pizzitola Family said...

Wow! Glad Jayden is ok, and Ellie too! We try our best to look out for them, but sometimes things just happen and you just have to pray they turn out ok. And they did thank goodness.

daniela said...

Just wanted to reiterate from earlier today..I'm here! You're not babbling :-).

Lori said...

Keep babbling :-) I love to read :-) Our playgroup/support group is now partly online.. that's all :-)

Kris said...

Hey Linda
Remember me? Julies "friend from Nevada"? Jayden was barely walking when I met you both. I have been following your blog and really enjoy reading it. You are so discriptive.
So glad that the kids are doing well and you too. They do take "candy" pills and fall down stairs.... ohhh yes ....I found my son ontop of the fridge once, dive bombing eggs....truth...scared me to death. He was such a climber. Still is and hes 32. HA!
Take care and good luck on the house remodel.