Sunday, March 25, 2007

"Mommy!!!! My penis hurts!!"

So, Jayden was jumping around in the family room tonight with Uncle Jeff. Next thing I know, he comes running in with tears in his eyes and hand over his crotch. It would be wonderful if he was coming to tell me that he tried to make it to the potty, but had an accident. However, that was not the case. It had nothing to do with the potty. Apparently he slipped while jumping.....

I had an otherwise very pleasant day. I went to a Luncheon to welcome the newest members of Las Madres. They always put together a very nice day--good food, lots of raffle prizes (I didn't win anything), great entertainment. The DJ they hired was none other than my little Max! I was surprised and very pleased that they hired him. I gave a recommendation for him over the chat group to someone who apparently really liked him and passed his name around. He is making a killing on Las Madres events! GO MAX!

House news: Nothing new. We need a loan. We don't have a loan. We are waiting to hear from someone about a loan. No progress made. End.

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Keep up your spirits!!!