Friday, March 16, 2007

The week just got even busier!

As if we could possibly cram any more activity into the week....

We took the kids to Happy Hollow on Wednesday. Still a fun place for kids. They plan to revamp the whole park next year. I hope they don't revamp their prices too! But, we had a good time there.

Yesterday, we took the kids to The Jungle. We had a lot of fun there, too! Wes (Dave's bro) had the best time racking up a ton of tickets from the kiddie games. He let the kids go "shopping" at the end of the day. Jayden got some cool fire rescue cars and Eliana got a little stuffed piggy that snorts. We left there in time for Eliana to fall asleep in the car and get a nice nap in before Dave and I left for dinner at the Melting Pot. Dinner took 4 HOURS!! I have never had such a long meal! Apparently my body could not handle the stress of it as I came home with a nasty migraine. :(

Today we ended up doing a thousand errands with Michelle that didn't get done during the week for all the fun we were having. Then ran off to the photographer's studio for pictures. I get to see the proofs next week, but the kids looked great (despite a rash on Jayden's arms). I am hoping the rest of us looked decent too. We'll have to wait and see.

I am now off to get ready for Shabbat Services which start early tonight because of the potluck dinner we are having after. Mom and I are supposed to host the refreshements after's some serious work. That's all I have time for! Busy busy busy! :)

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